March 2010

Pilot in Spain

Complete pilot/testing programme  was carried out in Spain. 3 courses for each of the 3 level scheduled (1: basic ICT skils, 2: social networking, 3: e-gov.


25 & 26 March 2010
Brussels – Workshop FUTURAGE (involvement of elderly people in research projects on active ageing in good health)

International Robotic Trophy “Rome Cup 2010”

FMD organized the event the “Rome Cup 2010”, Rome, 18/03/2010, the 4TH edition of the International Trophy Robotic City of Rome. The main target were schools.

International conference at UNESCO "Expert Meeting “Knowledge Societies: The Way Forward”

The Professor Alfonso Molina, rapresenting the University of Edinburgh, partner of SILVER Project, attended the international conference at UNESCO "Expert Meeting “Knowledge Societies: T