September 2010

Final event in Fiuggi-Italy

The 23 of September was presented the International Conference "New Technologies: a Challenge for Active Age", organized for the final event of the SILVER Project in Fiuggi, Italy.

SILVER'S Enlarged Networks

Each partners have contributed in the creation of an enlarged network

FERPA's Newsletters

In this wiki session you can find the LAST Newsletters of FERPA

SILVER Dissemination through Web

The SILVER results were disseminated through the following Web Sites:
- Around the Network, 08/09/2010
-, 22/09/2010

SILVER dissemination through Press Agency and Newspapers

Regarding the Dissemination and Exploitation of results through Press Agency and Newspapers, the SILVER Project was disseminated in the following newspapers:

SILVER dissemination through Television and Radio

Regarding the Dissemination and Exploitation of results through Television and Radio, FMD was interviewed on the SILVER Project in the following events:

Enlarged Network of the SILVER Project

The process of network building and enlarging had an important rule in SILVER Project in order to implement the SILVER courses. Each Partners had identified an enlarged network.
Among the partneship FERPA worked in and with many different networks of similar organisations (elders’ unions) and public/private bodies. Has been created a Final Enlarged network that includes the network of each partner.

Final Report

The University of Edinburgh carried out the final evaluation and monitoring phase focused on the last pilot training courses in Italy, Belgium and Romania.

European project “Never Late to Learn! Promoting Opportunities for Learning in Later Life”

SREP presented the “SILVER" project in the European project “Never Late to Learn!