In the context of the Community Action Programme for Continuous Learning, Italy, Spain, Romania and Belgium, in the Silver Project, are experimenting with a continuous learning programme for adults addressing no less than 100 elderly, 500 student tutors and 50 teachers. Elders, students/tutors and teachers and schools will be involved in the project’s digital literacy training courses. A much larger number will be reached by the dissemination activities. During the project is made up of 4 pilot/testing programmes to be carried out in 4 different countries (IT/RO/BE/ES) during a period of 20 months. Each pilot/testing programme is composed of 9 pilot training courses (3 courses for each of the 3 foreseen levels) and involves about 250 elders. It is expected that every 2 months a new course will start. Each course lasts about 30 hours, divided into 15 lessons of 2 hours. The courses are organized during the school year, since the didactical model comprises, as key factor, the presence of young students with the function of tutoring the elders (in a student/elder ratio of 1 to 1 or 2 to 1), under the active supervision of an adult teacher. Elders are enrolled in the courses via the local networks linked to each Partner. A special effort will be made to involve elders’ centres (if not already involved), in this way transferring the effective organizational pattern promoted by the Fondazione Mondo Digitale.