Pilot in Belgium

Complete pilot/testing programme, composed of 6 courses, has been carried out in Belgium. 4 courses for the 1st module, 1 course for the 2nd module and 1 course for the 3rd module(1: basic ICT skils, 2: social networking, 3: e-gov. services) are organized. Real-time evaluation and feedback by UEDIN (WP8) completed the implementation of the overall digital-literacy programme.
In attached, is possible to visualize the implementation plan.
For the gallery of the Pilot, please click the link: http://silver.mondodigitale.org/node/78/image_gallery

WP4_SILVER_courses_implementation_plan_byPERSPECTIVES_BE.pdf110.27 KB
Silver lessons - BELGIUM.pdf543.1 KB